Article by Artifical Grass Liquidators
September 9,2022

Landscaping 101: The Secret to a Green Lawn Year Round

Nobody likes brown grass! Dead and dying lawns lead to lower property value, and decreased use of your yard. But that doesn’t have to be the case. We’re going to let you in on a little lifehack that’ll make it so you never have to deal with another brown lawn again. What is it? High carbon yarn. 

You may be wondering, what does that mean? Well, let me explain. Landscape architects use high carbon yarn to create beautiful, drought resistant landscapes using little to no water. This material is what gives perfectly manicured lawns their rich color and amazing feel. It’s soft to the touch and safe for kids.

This is how it works: high carbon fiber is woven through a mesh sheet. This is then attached to a latex or polyurethane backing. This combination is then cut, combed, and trimmed to create beautiful, life-like turf. Turf? Yes, we’re talking about turf. Though you may not have realized we were talking about turf until just now — the same way you may not have realized that amazing looking lawn down the street is also turf. 

You see, today’s turf isn’t the same fake grass you knew in the 90s. A lot of money and research has gone into creating products which accurately mirror the look and feel of real grass. Just check out some of these amazing products!